Several months after the tragedy of September 11th, I was asked if I could create another Angel of the Twin Towers.

My first reaction was that I could not. That was a moment in time, and I knew I couldn't duplicate the emotion that poured into the piece which was created as I watched the events of those first days unfold.

However, as I thought about the symbolism that showed up in that piece, I wondered....if I began sculpting again, with a completely open mind and heart, would another angel of the towers come to me.....and if she did....what would she say ?

The first Angel of the Twin Towers carried with her broken windows and flames.....her wings were heavy with devastation, although there was a small promise of hope, as she began her rise..........

My question, as I approached this new creation was...... what would a second angel have to say?

The most striking aspect of this piece, to me, is the clear bright baby blue mirrored glass that was used to create her headpiece, and to highlight her gown.

The color is of the clearest blue sky.....bright with hope and clear with vision.

At the highest point of her head, she is as clear and pure as any fresh sky after a storm.

She is hope and she is promise. Her head is raised and her chin is lifted, as she looks up, a small smile appears on her lips.

Her posture reminds me of our lady, The Statue of Liberty. Tall and proud......strong as she stands as a beacon to the world.

The base mosaic symbolizes the ashes of the Twin Towers, ringed by the copper of smoldering flames.

In each of three circles of her gown there are iridescent glass scarabs, symbolizing transformation and rebirth.

This angel is rising with strength and power. Her hands form a Taoist blessing and her eyes look to the heavens.

Her wings, as I study them now, are reminiscent of butterfly wings.....another symbol of rebirth and transformation.

The Angel of the Twin Towers is alive and she is well.

She sings..... of hope and of freedom.


23" tall x 9" x 9" an original, one of a kind

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